w07Water dispensers

Water distributors are perfect solutions of drinking water needs for offices, hospitals, bureaus, schools, etc. Unlike bottle appliances, they constantly provide high quality clean and healthy water by means of reverse osmosis integrated systems.

These appliances remove from waterworks water chemical and bacteriological pollutants which constitute health threat, and also chloride and free gases causing bad taste and odour of water. Water distributors make it possible to get hot water with the temperature of 85 – 100 °C and cold water 4 – 12 °C immediately.

Technical specification of Cooler appliance with R.O. system
Feed-water temperature: 2 – 40°C
Feed-water pressure: 2.8 – 4 atm. (optimum)
Water cooling system: Freon-free
Power consumption – hot water 700W
Power consumption – cold water 100W
Hot water temperature: 85°C – 100°C (boiling water!)
Cold water temperature: 4°C – 12°C
Preliminary filter: 5 microns (polypropylen nonwoven fabric)
Carbon filter: 10 microns
Osmotic membrane: 50 – 100 GPD
Carbon filter – postfiltration: Refined activated carbon
Mineralising cartridge: Low Sodium Mineralising type
Cold water tank: 4 litres
Hot water tank: 2 litres (total 14 litres!)
Tepid water tank: 8 litres
Measurements: 320mm x 400mm x 1040mm
Net weight: 17 kg
Output up to: 150l/24 hours – 6.25 l/hour
Minerals content in water: minimum 121 mg/l