Salt for softeners

Salt tablets are intended for deposits regeneration in water treatment processes – softening. Tablets are produced by Inowrocławskie Kopalnie Soli SOLINO S.A. especially for Research Polska Sp. Z o.o. company for DOM WODY series softeners.

  Sól - folder, tabletki solne (6.6 MiB)


Raw materials composition: sodium chloride NaCl
Purpose: the product intended for water treatment processes
Properties Unit SOLINO S.A. requirements Standard characteristics
sodium chloride NaCl per dry matter % min. 99,0 99,83
E 536 anti-caking agent mg/kg max. 3,0 0,80
Ca % max. 0,005 0,004
Mg % max. 0,0005 0,0004
Fe % max. 0,0002 0,00012
sulphates % max. 0,05 0,04
mechanical impurities - none none
water insoluble substances % 0,05 0,02
H2O w 105°C % max. 0,05 0,04
pH 1% of water solution - 5-8 7,4
method of dissolving - uniformly soluble, with no disintegration into single crystals
crushing along longer axis strength kg min. 60 min. 60


  •  plastic sacks a’25 kg, piled up on the Euro palette, 8 layers 5 packagings each (100 kg),
  •  there is a polyethylene or paper distance piece used between the bottom layer of sacks and the palette,
  •  sides of the load on the palette are secured with stretch wrap, top with a polyethylene cap.


  •  storage rooms should be clean and with no strange odours.