Choice and parameters of particular appliances depend on raw water quality and individual customer’s needs. Research Polska Sp. z o.o. company examines all cases individually. We suggest the most optimal solutions constructing appliances based on sub-assemblies of world leaders in the field of water treatment. We offer our customers full service: technical consultancy, choice of appliances, technological tests, installation and start-up of appliances, guarantee and post-guarantee service. We always try to choose and fit the aplliance in such a way so as to make the solution justified technically and economically.

Numerous technological proceses require supply of water of a very high degree of purity.



Such water is used among others: in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, electronic, chemical, clothing and energetical (water for water and steam boiler rooms) industry, and also in laboratory analytics, air-conditioning technique and in medicine. Water demineralisation can be carried out among others by reverse osmosi process. This method consists in supplying high pressure raw water (treated preliminarily) on a semipermeable membrane which separates two solutions with different concentrations. High pressure pure water molecules go through the membrane while salt and other impurities molecules, such as: colloids, bacteria are intercepted on the raw water pressure side and are carried to the sewage system.



Each appliance constructed in our company is equipped with:

  • electromagnetic valve on inflow,
  • preliminary sedimentation filter,
  • high pressure pump,
  • regulator valves for discarded and recirculation water,
  • rotameters for flows measuring,
  • system for automatic membranes flushing (autoflushing),
  • conduction measuring instrument,
  • too low pressure protection,
  • control cabinet with appropriate cut-outs.

Optionally we can equip additionally the unit with CIP system which will enable periodiacal membranes flushing, maintenance and halting disinfection and system of concentrations levelling after each switch-off of the the station.

Please note that water supplied on RO system should be preliminarily treated so that the substances contained in it would not block membranes and prevent their normal work.